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Autumn Term - Week 11

Hello Sounding Out families

It’s the time of year when schools and choirs all over the country would normally be preparing for Christmas performances in front of crowds of families and friends. Obviously, this year is going to be a bit different for everyone, and many of us (including me!) will really miss making music with friends and family in the way we have done in previous years.

However, many groups, in schools and in the community have still found a way to make music and share their performances this year despite the challenges of Covid. On November 22nd, the students at King’s School put on a concert for St Cecilia (the patron saint of music).

There may have been no audience members and a socially distanced choir but that didn’t stop them! WATCH their performance here……

LISTEN at around 5:10 to the opening of a piece called ‘Beatus Vir’ by Italian composer MONTEVERDI (written around 390 years ago). I’ve always thought this was one of the happiest beginnings of any piece. Every time I hear it, I find myself smiling and nodding along with the cello!

So how did the students still manage to perform when the schools were closed?

WATCH this great performance of Farandole by French composer BIZET to see all the students playing along in their own homes. How many different instruments can you spot?

And lastly a video to show you don’t need other players to create music as long as you have an instrument, a camera…….and a dinosaur costume?

Have a good week!


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