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Autumn term - week 2

Hello Sounding Out families

I hope you have had a good first week back at school. It was lovely to get some emails from you. We will keep you posted with any developments and will let you know as soon we have a date to restart!

I hope you enjoyed the clips of music last week. Here are the answers to the questions about Samba.

1 What was the mistake on the Bitesize page?

The text says that Jonas is learning how to play the TAMBOURINE. We know it is a TAMBORIM. Tambourines have jingles round the edges and tamborims are the small high-pitched drums we use in Samba.

2. What is the name of the shaker used in the Samba video?

It is a CHOCALHO (pronounced shokALyo). Great fun to play, but quite heavy and very loud!

This Saturday marks the end of a famous series of concerts known as 'The Proms'. These are held in London at the Royal Albert Hall.

The first ever ‘First Night of the Proms’ was in 1895 and was conducted by Sir Henry Wood. He was passionate about making music available for everyone, no matter how much money they had. So, the cheapest tickets for the people standing up (or ‘promenading’) were only one shilling. That’s about 60p today! Even though he died in 1944, Sir Henry Wood still gets to see all the concerts. A bronze bust (a statue of someone’s head and shoulders) of Sir Henry is placed above the stage just in front of the organ so he can still keep an eye on things!

Over the years the bust of Sir Henry will have seen an enormous variety of music being played on the famous stage. Musicians from around the world, as well as young people have played just about every style you can think of. But I think even Sir Henry might have been surprised to see a piece called ‘Hands Free’ by Scottish composer Anna Meredith. The National Youth Orchestra performed it at the Proms in 2018. If you have a look at this clip you might be able to work out why it’s called ‘Hands Free’….

What an exciting piece of music! Wouldn't you just love to be one of the performers? I can't wait to try something like this at Saturday Jam! The piece manages to get a huge variety of sounds just by using body percussion and simple vocal sounds. I think it sounds like a huge machine. I really like the section around 1:50, which looks like a Mexican Wave!

CHALLENGE. The BBC has put together lots of Proms related activities to do at home this year and there is a whole page of activities about ‘Hands Free’. Watch the main video and have a go at the body percussion activity. We have done plenty of body percussion in our Saturday Jam sessions so you should find this a breeze!

Or of course you could work out your own body percussion patterns. I would love to see some clips of you having a go!

Have a good week! Jemma

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