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Autumn term - week 5

Hello Sounding Out families

Did you know that yesterday was National Poetry day? Perhaps you looked at some poems in your schools. I heard some lovely poetry on the radio, and it made me want to share some with you!

Our focus at Sounding Out is, of course, MUSIC! But have you ever thought about how closely linked poetry and music are? Benjamin Zephaniah is one of my favourite writers, and the rhythms of his poems reflect the music of his West Indian heritage.

Here he is performing his poem ‘Pencil me in’.

Many composers over hundreds of years have taken their inspiration from poems. Some have composed pieces that recreate the mood or the story of the poem just using instruments, but some have taken the actual words from the poem and set them to music.

Lewis Carroll was a writer who lived in the 1800’s and is best known for his book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. Maybe you have seen the Disney animation or the more recent film?

The sequel (‘Through the Looking Glass’) contains the wonderful poem JABBERWOCKY. Although the poem contains lots of nonsense words, it is still easy to follow the story of a young man out in the woods, searching for the terrifying creature called the Jabberwock.

Have a LISTEN to Benedict Cumberbatch reading the poem to see what happens at the end……

It’s not surprising that composers through the years have set this atmospheric poem to music. Here is a young choir from Australia performing a version of Jabberwocky written by American composer Carolyn Jennings.

PRIZE ALERT!! Can you think of any poems that might make a good song? Maybe you think it has a good RHYTHM like 'Pencil me in', or maybe it creates a great atmosphere? I have a book of Benjamin Zephaniah's poems to give to the first person who contacts me with their idea. Good luck!

I'm off to GALUMPH through the leaves at the park!

Have a great week


Jemma van der Byl

Sounding Out​

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