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Autumn term - week 6

Hello Sounding Out families

I hope you have had a good week. Thank you to everybody for making sure that trumpets and violins were sent into your schools. Julie collected the instruments and took them into The King’s School where they will be checked, and any necessary repairs made.

It is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic is not declining in England as we might have hoped by now. Because of that The King’s School is still having to take strict precautions to protect its own pupils and this means that Sounding Out will now definitely not be able to recommence in 2020. We know that you, like all of us, will be very disappointed to hear this news. Julie has bumped into some Sounding Out participants and their parents in Canterbury and it has been lovely to learn how much the children are missing our Saturday sessions.

We will obviously keep you updated. In the meantime, try and enjoy whatever music you can, perhaps by expanding your own knowledge of music by watching some videos or listening to tracks by musicians that you don’t know.

The BBC Bitesize site for Key Stage 2 Music is a great place to start. It is full of useful information and videos to get you thinking. And a quiz to test your musical knowledge!

You might be missing your instrument this week, so I thought I would show you a video by a remarkable singer called Bobby McFerrin who creates incredible performances using only his voice and body.

LISTEN to this performance of a song called ‘Drive’. Make sure you watch the whole video, as the effects are amazing! He keeps steady beat using BODY PERCUSSION, and adds all the other layers using only his voice! I still can’t quite work out how he sings two notes at a time around 2:21!

Bobby McFerrin uses his voice in ways you may not have heard before. WATCH this video to hear yet another way to use your voice to create different sounds. The Tuvan people of central Asia are well known for their THROAT SINGING. This lovely video shows a father and daughter performing a song about wild horses together!

Have a great week


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