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Summer 2020 Week 1

Hello everyone,

I’m Christina Astin from the King’s School, and this is the first of some weekly emails to keep you all connected to Sounding Out while schools remain closed. Julie wrote to you before Easter to explain that she would not be at work for a while, so I’ll be your point of contact for now. Will Bersey (Director of Music) and I hope that you and your families are well and wish you all the best at this difficult time.

Each week I will bring you some musical treats to listen to and some ideas for practising (they are still practising, aren’t they?!). Parents and teachers - please let me know if you have any questions or ideas to share. If any of the children would like to send me pictures or videos of themselves practising, that would be lovely! Please also follow us on Twitter for updates and news:


So, for this week, I have 2 pieces of music to listen to.

1. The King’s School pupils playing music from Harry Potter:

Question – there are 6 different wind instruments playing here – can you spot them all (or even name them!)?

2. Maxim Vengerov and Patrick Rafter playing Bach’s Double Violin concerto

Patrick is a friend of our violin teacher Lise, and Maxim (in the black shirt) is a world-famous Russian violinist. Can you see that they each have their own string orchestra? All the instruments are doubled except for the harpsichord – the keyboard instrument in the middle, which is a bit like a piano.


Before Easter, Lise and Nat suggested some practice ideas, so here’s a reminder:


Always start with your buzzing and the notes g,f,e,d,c (top of page 6) Pieces to work on: Lightly Row (page 7) A Mozart melody (page 8) William Tell (page 10) Keep practising Frere Jacques (page 12) Have a look at Ode to Joy page 13 and When the Saints go Marching in page 13. Don’t forget to look at the dynamics (louds and softs).


From their ‘Fiddle Time’ time book – revise ‘Copycat Blues’, Classical Sounds’, Raindrops’ and Happy Haydn’; practise ‘Boogie Band’, ‘Mini Mozart’ and ‘Monkey Swings’ by saying and clapping the rhythms, as well as playing them.

From ‘Vamoosh’ – revise all of the pieces learnt so far and see how many they can play from memory.

Best wishes,


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