• Jemma Van Der Byl

Summer Term - week 8

Hi everyone,

I hope that the playing and listening are continuing, even as outdoor play looks rather more enticing in this lovely weather! Apologies that this comes a day later than usual.

Next week will be our last email newsletter for a while as we come to the end of the King’s School term, so look out for some important information next Monday.

Parents – we’d love you to share any feedback on how your trumpeters and violinists are getting on in the meantime – pictures, videos or stories would be very welcome this week.

Today, I want to remind all our Sounding Out families about why we think making music is important:

1. Music makes us SMARTER!

Time and time again, research has shown that people who learn a musical instrument do better at school. Don’t take my word for it – watch this!

2. Music makes us FEEL GOOD!

Here’s an amazing youth orchestra from Venezuela looking like they are having loads of fun playing with inspirational conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

3. Music keeps us CONNECTED – so important at this time.

So if you get a chance to play or sing with other people – give it a go. It’s the best thing about being a musician!

Here is the King’s School performance of Verdi’s magnificent Requiem, performed 5 years ago but premiered on YouTube on Friday.

Settle down and get ready for an incredible experience:

Best wishes,


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