• Jemma Van Der Byl

Summer Term - week 6

Hello everyone,

I hope you have had a good weekend. I know that some of you (teachers, pupils and parents) will be busy going into school now – our best wishes for a smooth transition. For others, you will still be busy with home learning and I hope that our listening suggestions have given you a chance for some relaxation. Whether you like classical or pop, check out the links below, and there’s a craft activity too if you scroll down.


On Friday, The King’s School Music Department showcased another wonderful recording from their archives. The Crypt Choir and Chamber Ensemble’s performance of Bruckner’s Mass in E minor took place in St Alfege Church, Greenwich in November 2018. It can be enjoyed again at the following link: If you’ve never heard a big choral piece like this, put some headphones on and listen to it with the volume up – it’s fantastic!

And for something completely different, here are two very contrasting versions of the same song, Africa by Toto:

1) the amazing Peter Bence doing things to a piano you’d never have thought possible!

2) a virtual choir singing the same piece performed by staff and students from East Kent Schools Together,

released last week as part of our Feel-Good Friday programme:


If you like making music at school but don’t have any musical instruments at home, how about making one?

There are lots of fun craft ideas here:

Share any pictures or videos with us – we’d love to see what you and your family come up with!

Best wishes,


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